Best business ideas in india

Unique Best Business Ideas in India for Beginners(with Low Investment)

Everyone wants to start a business. No matter if you have heavy investment or small investment, you can start a business even with the low investment so check out these Best Business Ideas in India for Beginners.

business ideas in india

If you have a huge investment plan then you can start as a big scale business but if you don’t have much capital then you should start as a small scale with these low investment small business ideas.

In starting phase if you are not willing to invest ample amount of money into a business you can still run a profitable business.

I know it would be difficult for beginners to find a business idea for their startup so we give a list of the Best Business Ideas in India for Beginners which will help you to start. Proper planning and market research is very important before launching your business. Lack of planning and research could lead to fail your business and also spoil your fund and time.

It is always advised, think as much as you can on your business idea before launching your business and choose the best business idea according to your investment, product demands, target customers, your skill, and experience in this business idea.

The Indian startup is consistently growing in all business sectors due to government startup schemes, funding, globalization, and growing GDP.

Many untouched business opportunities are available in various sectors that need to be fulfilled and good thing is that today’s youths are fascinating by entrepreneurship and startups.

In the era of technology, you can easily start a business with low investments. Online businesses are good examples, which are started as a small scale business and now it became a big brand. You just need focus, consistent work, and skills for the business.

In starting stage, you can start from home, no need to rent an office if you begin on a small scale, but in some businesses, you may need to rent an office.

For starting your business you need an idea, fund, and a well business plan. The first thing we will solve with our New Business Ideas in India lists below now still there are two factors which discuss below.

There are two important factors that need to assess before starting a business:

Business Funds : To start a business, you need funds. No matter you start a small business or big but still you need funds for operating your business. For seed capital, you can apply for a loan from the banks, financial Institutions, and VCs to fund your business.

But I suggest you start with your own saving or raise funds from your family, friends, and acquaintances.

Well Business Plan : A well business planning is key to success, therefore, it is very important to plan all the aspects of your business like marketing, pricing, product research, market research, demography and all the strategies of business before starting business. Assess the market deeply for the product or service, you are going to start. Also study and focus on your competitors and their strategies. Talk to the people who are already in that business and take advise from some same fields mentors.


Best Business Ideas in India to start in India in 2021

Once you have done the above tasks, you are ready to jump into a small business with low investment. Here are 38 new & unique small business ideas with low investment that I suggest to commence in 2021.

Online Medicine Delivery

Medicine delivery is a very good business idea with low investment. You can start an online medicine delivery service. You have to create a medicine shopping site where customers can order medicine. If you don’t want to create a website for medicine then you can start with WhatsApp. You can take orders on WhatsApp. Customers send screenshots of prescriptions in your WhatsApp number and your job is to deliver medicines from nearby medicine stores to your customers.

Note that you are not selling medicine, you are just delivering medicines from your nearby medicine stores. For selling medicine you need a drug license and also you need to store stock which needs heavy investment.

There is a huge margin in medicines upto 50-60%. So you can negotiate with a nearby drug store for 5-10% or more, it’s upto your negotiation power. Also, you can charge for delivery Rs 50 additional. If Flipkart and Amazon can charge for delivery why not you.

Online Construction Material Delivery

It is also a very demanding business. You can deliver construction Material like bricks, sand, stone chips, Cement, AAC Blocks, Fly ash bricks, etc. at customers’ doorstep. Many customers even don’t know where to order and how to order stone chips, red bricks, sands, etc but nowadays Google makes it easy for them.

If you want to get success then you have to do something new. You know nowadays every business is coming online. Online presence is very important in today’s technology era.

So you have to create a website for Construction Material Delivery from where customers can order.

Construction Material Business needs little investment but it is so profitable business. If you don’t want to invest more then I am giving you an idea. You can tie up with manufacturers and take orders from your website. Manufacturers deliver the materials and you will get your commission.

School Van service

You can start a school van service to pick up and drop students. In India, school van’s service is very bad. In eight seater space, 12-15 students are stuffed, very bad service. So this bad experience of students can be a good business for you. You have to give good pick up and drop van service to students with proper seating space, AC and take all safety measures for students.

Create packages for your service in the basic plan there AC facility and in the premium plan Air conditioner will be installed. You can charge a little higher than local school autos.

For vans, you can take ola’s model. No need to buy vans as you know for buying vans huge investment is needed. So tie up with your local travel agencies for vans. Try Ola’s model for the vans or you can take vans on rent, it’s up to you.

Unique Matrimony Service

There are ample opportunities in the matrimony service and this will be the best Business Ideas in India. As you know the population of India and the number of marriages every year.  You can start a traditional matrimonial site like Bharat Matrimony, or you can start something different with very low or zero investment.

I am giving you a different type of matrimony service idea which you can start with a very low investment.

I am explaining this idea with an example. When we see profiles in matrimonial sites (Bharat Matrimony, ), suppose we like one or two profiles and we shortlisted those profiles. Now we want to contact these two profiles and for contacting only two profiles we have to purchase a plan from matrimonial sites which costs Rs 5000-6000 for 3 months in Bharat Matrimony and Rs 3000-4000 in Of course, they allow you to view 60 -75 profile’s contact numbers but we don’t need it right now.

You need to view only two contact numbers and for this, you have to expend Rs 4000-5000. So this problem turns a very good business for you.

Start a matrimonial service with a simple portal where users can contact you for the profile’s mobile number. Users submit a form in your matrimony site with their desired profile details(like Matrimonial site name ie Bharat Matrimony, Shaadi, profile ID, etc.) and you will provide mobile number and biodata of profile to your users and for this, you can charge Rs 100/Profile or Rs 200/Profile, it’s upto you.

To start this business, You have to invest Rs 5000-10000 for purchasing Bharat Matrimony’s Plan and Plan.

Take the example of Bharat Matrimony, You have to buy a plan at Rs 5000 in Bharat Matrimony where you will get 70 profile’s contact number, that means if you charge Rs100/Profile then 70×100=7000 and if you charge Rs200/Profile then 70×200=14000. Now the complete business plan is explained.

School Management Software & Android App

Nowadays, Big and reputed schools are developing customized software for school operation and shifting from a manual process to digital. Software companies charge Rs 50,000-200000 for school software and maintenance separately, which is very expensive. All schools can’t afford this heavy software budget.

So there is a need for school software where all schools can register and create school profiles add classes, add students, etc, it is like Facebook but only for schools.

The following features will be available in the software for complete school operations:

  •  This school software will be available on the website and android app.
  • This software can handle attendance, publishing result, online fee payment, Notice board, Daily class notes, etc
  • There will be separate school admin login, teachers login, student login

You can charge a minimum amount per month like Rs 200/month for each school which is affordable for each and every school.

For monetization of business:

  • When any company gives free service or at minimum cost then they monetize their business from other sources.
  • You can add a store here and sell uniforms, shoes, books and other products which are used by students.
  • Add a game section here and make money.
  • Start student’s educational content and make money from ads and a lot more.

Jewellery Gold Polish

Imitation Jewellery Gold polishing is also a profitable business idea. Women have an obsession for jewellery no matter jewellery is gold or gold polish imitation.

When the gold polish of imitation jewellery disappears, it becomes useless.

For starting this business, you need to purchase Jewellery Gold Polish Machine. A gold polish machine costs Rs 40000-50000 and big machine costs Rs 100000-150000. Start with one small machine and when you get more customers, buy more machines.

How to get customers?

Your target customers are jewellery shops, imitation jewellery stores and cosmetics & general stores. Tie up with store owners, they will take pieces of jewellery from customers and give it to you. Polish jewellery and return to shop owners. Give some commission to shop owners. that’s it.

Online Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery

You can start a online Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery business as you know these products have huge demand so you can make it a big business and this business is very popular in offline but when you make this business online then it will be proven the best Business Ideas in India.

You can start this business with low investment also by tie-up with chicken meat fish wholesalers, your job will be only delivery. If you tie up with local wholesalers they definitely will give you commission as you know in the chicken meat and fish business there is a huge margin.  Start an online store for taking orders from customers.

Ideas for New Business in India

Property Rental site

You can start a property listing site like 99acres and magicbricks. You can create a website for property rental very easily by investing Rs 5000. If you are interested, I will tell you how to create a website like 99acres and magicbricks. You can start property listing business in your city or state, gradually add more states or cities.

Monetization Method: You can monetize your site by  Google Adsense Ads, Premium Listings, Property selling commission which is 2% of property cost. Also for rent property, you can charge 50% of first month rent from owner.

Classifieds site like olx

You can start a classifieds site like Olx. It is also very good business idea with low investment. You can develop a classifieds site by yourself by spending Rs 5000-8000. If you are thinking to start a classifieds website, I will suggest you to start in a particular area or niche. A niche classified is better than all categories classifieds.

Monetization Method: Google Adsense Ads and Premium Listing ads.

Read How to create a classified website like Olx

Farmer Crop Buy Sell Marketplace

You can start a buy sell marketplace for farmers, where farmers can sell their crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. A marketplace where farmers can post ads of their crops with price, if any trader wants to purchase crops, they can contact farmer. You can develop a marketplace for farmers very easily with just hosting cost i.e Rs 4000-5000. I guaranteed you it will be one of the most successful Business Ideas in India.

Coupons and Deals site

You start a coupon and deal website like, gopaisa,couponra, etc and make money from Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

Coupon and deals website provides information of deals, discount coupon codes, promo codes & offers of online shopping sites.

Affiliate links are used in deals and offers, when users click on any deals and purchased anything from the online store, then coupon site owner gets commission due to using the affiliate link.

If coupon and deal website has millions of traffic on their website, then top shopping sites contact the coupon site to promote their online business and pay a huge amount as per the site’s traffic, this is called sponsorship ad. If you want to know How to start a coupon website check this article.


How to start online business in India

Car Buy Sell Marketplace Site

You can start a car buy sell marketplace like car24, olx,, cardekho, carwale, etc. A used car buy sell marketplace can be created very easily with just Rs 5000. You can make it by yourself.

You can make good money with Google Adsense and also get a commission from car owner if car is sold.

Price Comparison site

Launching a Price comparison site is also a very good business idea with low investment. You can launch it from home.

What is a Price Comparison site?

Price comparison site compares price of a product from all shopping sites and helps you to make a decision where to buy the product at the least price.

for example: If you want to buy a Samsung television then you’ll have to check the price of the tv on all shopping sites to know the best price. it’s really tiresome job. Price comparison site offers price of the same tv from all shopping sites in one place.

For making money comparison sites use the affiliate links in the product, whenever users click on the link and purchase the product, they get a commission from the shopping site. For this, you need to join the affiliate program of shopping sites.

Cashback site

A cashback site is another business idea where you can make money from affiliate marketing. Launching a cashback site is good decision with low investment. It can be started from home.

What is cashback site?

A cashback website rewards its users a percent of money as cashback when users buy anything from cashback site’s affiliate link. Cashback sites use affiliate links for earning, also they place Google Adsense ads. There are many popular cashback sites in India, they are cashkaro,, grabon, etc.

EdTech service for students

Edtech is also one of the booming Business Ideas in India now. many startups are very successful in this sector. You can also get into this sector. You can create educational content for students up to class 10.

Nowadays it’s very easy to create content for students as you know YouTube is available. Create video content on Youtube and also start a website for educational content for students for free and make money from Google Adsense.

AAC Block and Fly ash Brick Manufacture

It is a heavy investment business idea but it is profitable. There is a huge demand for aac block and fly ash bricks. AAC Blocks and Fly ash bricks are replacing red pricks. These products are environment friendly. Nowadays construction is being done by fly ash bricks and AAC Block. The government also supports this type of business, you can get easy loan for this business.

Online Nursery and Plant Business

Nowadays, People are taking interest in gardening. Many people turn their roof into a mini garden, they are planting in roof and terrace and hence there is a huge demand of a nursery.

You can start an online nursery business with very low investments. You just need an online shopping website t start this business. There will be many big nurseries around you, you just need to tie up with them and take picture of plans and upload to your website. Many people are doing this business and making good money. Customers will order through your website, take orders and deliver plants.

Ola for Commercial Vehicles

Ola really changed our life, how easy it to book a cab now, earlier it was not so easy. But still, there is a gap in booking a commercial vehicle to load goods and shiting to other places. Fulfilling this gap can be a big business. study ola and do the same thing like ola in the commercial vehicle segment.

Slipper Making

You can start slipper making business from home by a slipper making machine. A slipper making costs you Rs 50000-100000 and if you are looking for a fully automated machine which cost is around Rs 400000-500000. Just create slippers and distribute to local stores.

Best Business Ideas in india with low investment

Aquarium Service

This is also a good example of a small business idea with low investment. For this business, you need to invest a little money to start the business for buying aquarium glass box of different sizes and different types of fish that are trending in the market.

If you want to make more profit, you should breed different kinds of fishes by in tanks.

You can also sell accessories like fish food, air-pumps, snf other aquariums stuff.

Tiffin Service

Tiffin service is one of the most popular business ideas in India from home. In this working culture, the demand for home-cooked food delivery services is increasing constantly.

You can start home-cooked food delivery from your kitchen by cooking fresh foods and delivering them to offices, lodge & hostel students, homes, etc. Also, create an online menu of food items so that consumers can order online too.

Electronics and Appliances Repair Service

Electronics and Appliances are a very important part of our life. Hence, the electronics and appliance repairing business is growing. Many companies are offering maintenance services for electronics and appliances.

To start this business you need equipment for repairing and skilled manpower who can repair and maintain the job.

Also, don’t forget to make your business presence online as this is the online business era and if you come online then your business will definitely grow.

Online Fashion Jewellery

Indian women are always fascinating for jewellery, no matter it is gold or imitation jewellery. The demand for fashion imitation jewellery has increased due to the following reasons 1. Gold, silver, platinum diamonds are too expensive. Youth prefers fashion imitation jewellery because it is not costly, looks stylish more than precious jewellery and can be worn on any occasion without any fear.

So it is a very good and profitable business idea and if you are planning to start an online fashion jewellery business then you need to consider the following:

Online presence: To start this business you should have a good online presence. You need to develop an online store for selling fashion jewellery.

Product’s photographs: As this is an online jewellery store, it is essential to take clear photographs of the product. The customers can’t see the products physically, so the images need to be good.

YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel which is another very popular business in India. Every day thousands of users create a Youtube channel for making money. For starting a Youtube channel you need to choose a niche (a topic) for creating videos. Create good video content for users and get subscribers. Once you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours total video watch time, apply for Youtube ads and start making money from youtube.


Blogging is a very good online business idea for earning for those interested in starting a business with zero investment.

There are many bloggers in India and across the world, who are making $1000 to $20,000+ per month with blogging. It has become a profitable business not only in India but across the world.

You can start a free blog on  but has some limitations. You can also create a blog in WordPress which is used by most professional bloggers, where you will get thousands of free plugins and themes which helps you to create a professional blog but for WordPress, you need to purchase a hosting which costs around $50 (minimum)  for hosting where your WordPress will be installed check Best WordPress Hosting Plans. After creating a blog you need to apply for Google Adsense for advertisement. You can earn from affiliate marketing as well.

Read How to create a money making blog

Digital Marketing Service

In Digital Marketing, there is a very big business opportunity in India right now. there is high scope for success in the digital marketing business due to growing online businesses drastically.

You can start a digital marketing agency, you can provide digital marketing service as a freelancer and make money.

But, you need to have excellent digital marketing skills before you start a digital marketing business. You can learn digital marketing online or join a training center.


Mobile Repair Service

The mobile phone repair business is one of the popular business ideas in India. This service saves customers money as the customer doesn’t need to buy a new mobile phone.
In India, It is nearly 820 million smartphone users. So it is a very big market for the mobile repairing business and it is still growing. As I always say do something new, so in this business also do something new. Think about what you can do something new in this business like give customers home repair service. You can also sell mobile accessories with this business.


Best Online Business in India for students

Cow and Pets Food Delivery

Pets food delivery is another very good option for your startup. If you are looking for a startup idea then you can select it. It has very huge market and a lucrative business.

If your budget is low, you can easily develop a online store by yourself. Just google it. Create an online pet shopping website, add products in the site and invest little bit in Google ads and Facebook Ads for promotion.

Oneway Taxi Service

Oneway taxi sevice is also a market demand to help travel and taxi service business.

Everyday many taxies go one place to other with their passengers but return with no passenger. This is loss for them to fulfill this loss they  charge heavy amount from first passenger, if your oneway taxi service provides returning passengers to taxi owners then it will be win-win business for taxi business owner.

Passengers also, get beniffited from this as they will have to pay less charge for booking taxi. You can also do same thing with commercial vehicles, which shift goods from one place to other and return empty.

How to start oneway taxi service?

It is very easy to start oneway taxi business with very low investment. Just develop a website and an app for booking taxi. From your website and app, passengers can book taxi. Your job is just taking bookings and share this bookings to taxi and travel agency business owner.

You just add how many taxies are available with timing and pricing in your site and app. And do marketing for your website and app in your target areas.


Online Buy Sell Pets Marketplace

Pet selling business is booming day by day. Many people are coming in this business and start selling pets. But all of them are not getting customers. To solve this problem, you can start a online buy sell pets marketplace where seller can post ads of their pets with price and all details and customers can contact sellers for buying pets like Olx.

If you don’t want to invest more, you can make a buy sell pets marketplace website yourself at just Rs 5000-8000.

How to make money :

You can make money from Google Adsense and Premium Listings for posting ads in your site.

Pundit Booking & Online Puja Samagris Store

You know finding  a punditjee for puja is very tough task in many areas. And many people don’t have time to buy puja samagris. You can solve this problem and make it a good business. Start a pundit booking website or app and also sell puja samaris online in the same website or app. This will be going to a good business.

Party staff services

As you know in India, every year millions of couples tie the knot and throw a lavish party. So you can find a business from here by supplying man powers.

I think you have seen in big and lavish parties, professional staffs with special dress codes, are serving foods. They dress up according to party themes like Punjabi, Bengali, Gujrati, etc.

Also you can supply dress codes on rent for various party themes.

Dry Food selling

I have personally calculated this business idea and found it is very profitable business if you understand. Dry foods have huge margin if you purchase in bulk.

For example: Almond which price is Rs Rs 900-1200/Kg in online shopping sites and Rs 800-1000/Kg in local stores. And if you purchase in bulk from wholesalers , it will cost Rs 400-500/Kg. So see the margin.

And other dry foods also have huge margin. So you can do this business with investing low capital. The thing you need to do is Good Packaging and some license if you are selling online marketplace like Flipkart and Amazon. Yes you can sell in Flipkart and Amazon too after registering GST.

Green Plastic

You know the plastic is very bad for environment and that is why it is banned by government. But plastic is very useful product and plastic’s substitute is manufactured  now. Many companies are manufacturing plastic type bags with maize, rice, potatoes and jute. This is called green plastics. You can become dealer of this business or order in bulk from direct manufacturer and distribute to your area.

Start a job portal

In India, students prefer job in comparison to business. They are always looking to job portal to search jobs. You can also come into this business and start your own job portal like, indeed, etc. You can develop it yourself just investing Rs 5000-8000 and make money from Google adsense, selling Job seekers data to other hr companies like big job portals do.

Buy Sell YouTube channel, Blogs, Fb page Marketplace

Day by day craze of online earning from YouTube, Blogging, Facebook are increasing. Nowadays everyone wants to become Youtuber. Everyone’s dream to become a successful blogger. But most of them fail within first year. So there is a need of a marketplace for selling YouTube channel, Blogs, Facebook page.

Many users need Google Ads enabled YouTube channel and blog. Also many users needs Facebook page with thousands of like for marketing their businessbut, no one knows where to buy and sell.


Auto Rickshaw Advertising

I think you have noticed flex advertisement backside of auto rickshaw. Do you know what is this? This advertisement is placed by local ad agencies. You can also get into this business. Just tie up with auto ricksaw owners. Whenever you place ads in auto ricksaw, give some commission to auto owner as well.

So it will a great business for you and also it will help to increase the earning of auto ricksaw owners.

Maid Service

Many small startups jumped into this business in metro cities but still couldn’t fulfilled this area. There is huge demand of maid service in every city. You can also jump into this business and start in your city or state. This will be a social startup as you will be helping poor women and giving them self employment.

The most popular startup in this segment is You should check their site before launching and get idea. Your job is to provide skilled, neat and clean maids to your areas.

Just start a maid booking site with pricing and take booking and grow your business and also help poor women.

There are many other small business ideas that you can think of to start in India. Only huge investment and fund in business is not enough if your interest, strengths and skills are not suitable for your business idea. So choose a business idea according to your interest, strengths, experience and skills.

Also, study the legal aspects of business and licensing procedures before starting. Always remember.

Now you have a list of Business Ideas in India for Beginners these are small but high return business ideas, so start now and light up your startup journey.