How to increase Youtube & Blogging Earning

Every blogger and YouTuber make money but very few of them know How to increase Youtube & Blogging Earning.

Every Blogger and YouTuber wants to earn good money but very few of them earning well. Most of them give up blogging and YouTube and forget about online earning. And some bloggers and YouTubers make online money but earning is very low.

Every blogger and YouTuber faces this problem, some find solution and they increase their earning and rest thinking “Why is Bloggers and YouTubers not Earning Good Money.”

So in this article I am going to share my experiences and my learning on the topic “How to make good earning from blogging and YouTube.” and also share what mistakes they do in blogging and YouTube.

Depending on only Google Adsense

Generally most of the bloggers and Youtubers depend on Google Adsense for earning. Their earning comes from Google Adsense Ads in blogging as well as Youtube.

And depending on only Google Adsense is the main reason for not earning well. If  you just start blogging then be prepared for very low CPC (Cost per click) . Google Adsense CPC is very low for new blogs cpc varies $0.2-$0.20.

But Cpc will increase if your blog gets organic traffics (Traffics which come from Google Search Engine).

For example if your blog gets 1500-2000 organic traffics per day then your Cpc will increase within 6-8 months. When cpc will be increased then you can earn well from Google Adsense.

But again if visitors click on ads then only you make good money, If visitors don’t click on ads then you hardly make good earning.

Even having good traffics to blog you couldn’t earn well. Because Google Adsense CPM (Cost per 1000 Ads Impressions) is very low. And CPM of countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc is the lowest (around $0.2-$0.10) Sometimes it is zero.

but CPM from developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and others is good, it varies from $2-$6.

If you want to make good money from your blog or Youtube channel then only one earning source Google Adsense is not enough.

You have to create some more earning source and you have to use your blog’s traffic or Youtube channel visitors for other earning source as well.

In this article I will share you 4 new earning source for your blog or Youtube channel which increase your earning drastically.

Sell your Service : While blogging we become expert of blogging. We learn to create a beautiful blog  in WordPress as well as Blogger Platform.

So why not we sell this blog design service. We can provide blog design service to others. There are many persons who want to start blogging, want to earn through blogging but don’t know to create blog. Offer them blog service at minimum service charge.

You can do same things with Youtube. Many people don’t know to create Youtube channel. Don’t know How to monetise Youtube channel. And an expert Youtube channel owner can offer Youtube support service.

2.Sell your Products: Create some products or start some new online business and start marketing your products and new business in your blog and Youtube channel.

If you are earning good from your Youtube channel or from your blog then don’t stop here. Start some new online businesses.

Now you are thinking What businesses can you start and What products can you sell. Right?

Some Online Business Ideas

Here I am giving you some online business ideas which you can start along with your blog and Youtube channel.

Use your blog or Youtube channel as a marketing tool and start marketing your service or products or your any other businesses in your blog or Youtube channel and tell your blog’s visitors and channel viewers to visit your site and purchase your products or services.

a). Start an online store

You can start a small store in your blog or you can start a full eCommerce (Online shopping website) and start selling products in your online shopping website you can sell products like Themes, eBooks, Tshirt, Famous Youtubers logo Tshirts or quotation’s Tshirts, Used Books or any products which you have.

b.) Start a Coupon and Deal website

You can start a Coupon and Deal website like cashkaro, freekaamaal, gopaisa, couponraja etc and earn with affiliate marketing. You can make it a very big business. Just start a Coupon and deal website and tell your blog’s visitors and viewers to visits your new site.

c.) Start a Niche Classifieds (OLX) Website

You can start a classifieds website for property or Used Cars or Used Laptops, Hostels, Marriage Halls or any classifieds website.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Don’t depend on only Adsense and start earning from affiliate marketing also.You can earn even more from affiliate marketing. You can join top affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates Program, Flipkart Affiliates Program and some other affiliates networks like cj, shareasale etc.

If you want to know top affiliate programs then read my article 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks and Program.

Write about some products in your blog and give your affiliate link there and whenever your visitors purchase something through your affiliate link you will get good commission.

Also in your YouTube channel you will not get always sponsor advertisements so put a product from affiliate programs create a video on that product tell your viewers about the product and tel them to purchase through your affiliate link.

You have seen many Youtubers unboxing mobile phones or gadgets and give review about products. Actually they give affiliate link to video’s description and earn from affiliate marketing.

4.Direct Advertisement

You can do direct advertisement or sponsor ads also. In your blog sell some space for advertisement. For this you can create a page Advertise with us in your blog and give your blog details like total pageviews, page rank and blog analytics. Advertisers will contact you. You can also mail advertiser according to your blog topic.

In YouTube you can create sponsor videos for advertisers. Generally advertisers contact you if they like your channel topic. Also you can contact advertisers for sponsor ads if you need to earn more from direct sponsor ads.