Business Motivational : I want to learn Business Give me Business Ideas

I still remember the the speech of Chetan Bhagat in Ranchi when he came to Ranchi and delivered a speech in Dainik Bhaskar’s program. He said “The government sector, PSU and private sector all together can’t give jobs to 1.3 billion people of India“. As far as I am concerned he is 100% right and he supports entrepreneurship.

Most students are studying  for job, only jobs. It is not student’s fault. Our education system and our parents & family set this mindset for years.

Our education systems creates servants whether it is Government servants or Private servants rather than owner. Very few young students become owner of his/her life.

So we have to think about it. We have to become job creators rather than job seekers.

Answer is very simple I want to start business but 

1. I don’t have capital for business. For starting business money is needed without money we can’t start business, we are not belong to TATA & AMBANI.

2. My parents forced me to seek for job. They don’t support me for business. I don’t go against my parents. Ans many bla bla bla…..

I have seen a Sandeep maheshwari’s seminar video Where a boy asked him “Sir I want to start business my business plan is ready I need 50 lakhs to start this business but my parents refused to give me capital”.

This is really funny a boy who does not know ABC of business wants 50 lakhs capital for business. He said his parents refused, Parents should refuse,His parent’s decision is 100% right. Parents should not support in foolishness.

First learn business from small ideas. Don’t try to start a business like Tata’s & Ambani’s.

Nobody is saying that you start a business like Reliance JIO Telecom this type of businesses need capital.

Start small businesses with small capital from your pocket money.

Yes, I am saying pocket money. You can start a business with your pocket money and this not joke.

So are you ready to start a small business with your pocket money?

Are you ready to learn business from your small business, from your mistakes?

In I am going to give you small business ideas which you can start with Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 and if you have potential you can make it big. And if you could not make it big then don’t be disappointed you will learn business from it.

In my next articles I will write about new business idea for you, if you face any problem you can contact me anytime.

At last I want to ask a question Are you ready to start a small business?
are you ready to learn business by yourself or your real experience ?