How to create coupon website in WordPress(Start coupon site,Earn $1000)

If you want to create coupon website in WordPress to make money then in this post I am going to share How to start coupon website business and how do coupon sites make money step by step.

There are many ways to make money online and in today’s article I will explain about coupon business idea. 

Create Coupon Website

I am also making money from this idea. This idea is a Online shopping affiliate website and you can make good money from shopping affiliate site, which is also called coupon and deal website.

In this Article I am going to explain the following topics

  1. What is coupon and deal website

  2. What’s required to start a coupon website

  3. How to create coupon website

  4. How to use Content Egg and Affiliate Egg Pro Plugins

  5. How can you create Android App Free

  6. How do coupon websites make money

What is coupon and deal website

Coupon and deals website or blog is a affiliate website where information of deals, discount coupon codes, promo codes & offers of online shopping sites and online businesses are provided.

In coupon and deals website, you will get offers, discounts & deals from shopping sites. 

Affiliate links are used in deals and offers, when users click on any deals and purchased anything from the store, then coupon site owner gets commission due to using affiliate link.

If coupon and deal website has millions of traffic in their website, then top shopping sites contact to the coupon site site to promote their online business and pay a huge amount as per site traffic, this is called sponsorship.

What’s required to start a coupon website

To create coupon website, you need the following things:

Domain: You have to buy a domain name for your coupon site. In most of the hosting plans listed below, a domain is given free.

Hosting: For WordPress, it’s required to choose a good web hosting otherwise it will give you trouble. I hosted my coupon site Couponsle  in Bluehost, you can also host A2Hosting, which is also very good hosting option for WordPress.

They are best WordPress Hosting Providers at affordable price. If still confused which hosting should be purchased then Read it How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting from 9 WordPress Hosting

WordPress Theme: A WordPress Theme is required which should be responsive and look like a eCommerce WordPress Theme. You can use any eCommerce Theme. 

You can use any theme Free Theme or Paid Theme. Any Free WordPress Themes can be used as Coupon Themes. In free theme, you have to design the coupon site completely yourself. 

If you want your coupon site look like a branded coupon sites then you can purchase Premium WordPress Coupon Theme from 7 Best WordPress Coupon Themes given below.

Premium WordPress Coupon Themes (Paid Themes)

In Premium Themes, you don’t have to design, you just need to setup theme and within a minutes your site will be ready.

Free WordPress Themes can be used as Coupon Theme:

Above themes can be used as Free WordPress Coupon themes. You can use any WordPress Free theme. I will use Editorialmag Lite Theme for creating this coupon site Video.

WordPress Theme:

WordPress Plugins Required for Coupon & Deal website

Free Plugins

Premium Plugins (Paid Plugins)

How to create Coupon Website using WordPress

I also created coupons website using WordPress hosted on BluehostAffiliate Egg PluginAffiliate Coupons plugin and Free version of Contents egg plugin. I am also using  Web2App Android Webview

How to use Content Egg and Affiliate Egg Pro WordPress Plugins

Affiliate Setup Guide 

Content Egg Setup Guide

How can you create Android App?

In this article I will tell you How did I create my Android App Couponsle. To create coupon website Android App, I purchased this android source code Web2App Android Webview for my Android App Couponsle. You need some basic knowledge of Android Studio for creating your android app using this source code.

If you don’t know Android Studio then you can create android app with AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser is completely free. Anyone can create android app with this platform for free. Also you can publish your app with it.

To publish your app to Google Play store, you need to purchase Google console account (Google Developer Account), which costs $25. This is one time payment and you can publish unlimited apps to play store.

Watch this video “How to create Android App for free”

How do coupon websites make money

Coupon and Deal sites make money from Affiliate Marketing. When coupon site’s users click on any offers & deals and purchase any product then coupon sites get commission. Commission varies from 5% to 50% of purchase amount.

Also coupon sites use Google Adsense ads and sponsorship (Direct Advertisement) from online business to make money.

In this post I will tell you in which affiliate programs did I join to make money from my coupon site Couponsle.

The following affiliate programs I joined 

  1. Flipkart Affiliate program
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon Associates)
  3. Vcommission Affiliate Network
  4. AdmitAd Affiliate network

If you want to join more affiliate programs then check this 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks and Program in India