How does “Rich Dad & Poor Dad” help me to earn Rs 30000 per month as passive income?

 Last year I read a book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”. It is really very good book. It helped me to create real assets. After reading this book I started a business. A unique business and this business became my assets now because it gives me regular income as defined by the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad (“Assets which gives you regular income”). This book really changed my thinking to start a business and I suggest you all to read this to change your financial life too.Buy this book click hereWe are belong to middle family and all do same mistakes in your financial life. We don’t know what mistakes we do and we don’t know how to be rich. Rich people don’t do these mistakes, they know the formula and they become richer and richer.
So you are thinking, what business I started? Right. I am going to share you a unique idea. I am a full time blogger and I earned $ 200 – $ 300 per month for 2 years and My earning got stuck in $ 300 to $ 350. I want to increase my earning but unable to do so. After reading Rich Dad and Poor Dad I understood Why rich become more rich and middle family & poor remain poor? Rich spends their earning to create more assets(Assets which gives you regular earning) i.e Rich buys assets and poor buys liabilities(Liability which takes your earning as defined in Rich Dad and Poor Dad like buying a car in loan or House in loan etc.) Middle family and poor spend their money to buy these type of liabilities.

I co-related this book with me. When I started earning 200 to 300 dollar per month I did same mistakes as written in the book. I bought a bike in instalment and paying loans, a mobile phone, laptop, inverter and battery etc and paying loans and loans. And not only me most of the middle and poor people doing same mistakes.Also this book helped me to understand and choose to right business and right business revenue model. This book says invest, choose or start that businesses which pay you always if you work or not this is call passive income(Passive income means you work or not your business gives you earning).

Ex- Writing a books pays you alway a reward whenever your books are sold, Investing in Real estate like hotels, commercial properties always give you earning, Blogging, youtube earning etc are example of passive income.
Just take example of rich people business model like owner of Facebook, owner of Youtube, Owner of Google etc their business revenue model is same. Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin & Larry Page etc work or not Their wealth increases always from their assets (Their assets are their websites).

After reading the book I got the formula to become rich. Then I started thinking ideas and thinking How to create assets for me which gives me regular income. And finally I got an idea from my blogger mind. Always start a business according to your interest, knowledge and strength. I selected blogging as I am master of it.  I searched some unemployed young people or students who were looking for part time job. I made them blogger. I trained them and tell them about blogging. Yet I got 5 people and I created websites  (Blog) for them free of cost but made a agreement with everyone that they give me a commission as my service charge every month and in return I give them full support like I teach them about blogging, Help them to increase their earning, take care of their site, help to increase their site’s traffic and do SEO for them.

Now after one year all 5 people are earning $250 – $300 per month and all of them give me commission. On average I got $100 per blogger so My earning $100 x 5 =$500 i.e Around Rs 30,000. After reading this book I took this new business action and Now these 5 people become assets for me. For becoming rich, I have to create many assets. As you have noticed that Rich persons have many assets. This is the formula of rich people I got after reading this book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”.