How to Create a Blog for Fast Google Adsense Approval (Non Hosted Adsense Account Trick 2018)

Earlier Google Adsense Approval was little bit easier than now. But after 2017, to get approved Google Adsense account is very tough job. And everyday I get lots of messages regarding Google Adsense Approval.
In this post I am going tell you “How to create a blog for Fast Adsense account approval”. So that when you apply for Adsense through this blog your Adsense Application will be approved.

If you want to create a blog to get Fully approved Adsense Account (non hosted ) then you will have to add this features in your blog.

If you add this features in your blog then this blog will approves your Google Adsense Account (non hosted) very fast and this featured blog is highly suitable for Approval of fully approved Google Adsense Account.If you want this feature blog with fully approved Adsense account  ( non hosted ) then you can contact me through email in contact page.

I will create this featured blog for you and I also approve your Adsense account through this blog.


So question “How to create Google Adsense Approval Friendly Blog” and what criteria should a blog has for quick Adsense approval.
So here are the criteria, features & factors of a Adsense Friendly Blog:
1. Custom Domain : A custom domain is very important for your blog. There should not be free version domain name like or in your blog. 
If you use Blogger platform for your blog then buy a domain & setup a custom domain for your blog, Hosting is not needed in Blogger platform. 
Go to and book your domain and purchase it. You can book your domain from Bigrock click here  Buy Domain at Rs 399  
and use this Coupon Codes : BIR9915SEPCOM, BRC9O9MCUPN and BIRCK990714IN.
And if you use WordPress platform then purchase a domain & buy a Hosting for your WordPress blog and then start a wordpress blog.

Buy Best WordPress Hosting at low price see plans here. See Plans Here
2. Niche of Blog: Choose a particular niche for your blog and write post on that topic. Don’t post mixed topics.
3. No. of Post : Apply for Google Adsense when your blog touches at least 40 posts. Post one or two blog post daily and try to post regularly.
4. Organic Traffic : To get fast Adsense Approval Organic Traffic is important. Organic traffic means traffic comes from Google search.
Then how to get Organic Traffic quickly?
To get organic traffic, you have to do keyword research. 
Go to Google Keyword Planner and type your niche words there and choose low competition keywords from Google Keywords Planner.
And write post on these low competition keywords to get Organic traffics fast to your blog.
5. Theme for Blog: Choose a best theme for your blog. Use a neat & clean user friendly and responsive them. Here I am giving you 4 Free best Professional look responsive blogger themes See Theme
1.Blogger Theme 1. Demo
2. Blogger Theme 2  DEMO
3. Blogger Theme 3 DEMO
4. Blogger Theme 4 DEMO
You can use free blogger themes but don’t forget to give credit to theme creators at bottom.
I am  giving you a Blogger Free Theme you can use this theme and this type of themes. This type of themes will help you to get Google Adsense quickly.
You can download this Theme here and use XML file. Just open XML File, copy the code and paste it in your blogger Theme>>Edit HTML.
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6. Navigation of blog: Your blog navigation i.e Menu should be easy and link to your blog contents with labels or should link blog pages as requied.
These factors are important to get Google Adsense Account fast.
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