7 Easy Youtube Video Ideas for beginners to earn money from Youtube

YouTube, we all know the world’s top video sharing site. But Today I am going to tell you 7 easy YouTube video ideas which can earn a good money from youTube. Yes it is true, if you do it full time as a career then it is possible to earn millions from Youtube video.
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So, Your are thinking “what do you have to do?” Right
It’s very easy to earn from YouTube. Follow these steps first to create YouTube Channel
1. Create a Gmail Account first and then login to YouTube with Gmail account.
2. Upload videos to your YouTube Channel and Monetize your videos.
3. For earning with YouTube you need to have a adsense account. Read this if you want to get full approved Adsense account within 10 days.
So which type of videos you create this is the question,
Here I am giving 7 easy Youtube video Ideas for beginners. 
1. Hair care & Beauty tips YouTube Channel (Recommended for Girls)
2. Workout & Gym Diets
3. Educational Tutorial Channels like Chapter wise Study materials
4. Cooking New foods & Recipes Video Channel
5. If you are a blogger then Blogging tutorial Channel is Good
6. Latest Fashion & Clothing Channel
7. Latest App and their review Channel.

For creating Videos for Youtube Channel, You need Screen Recorder Software so Read here 3 Free Screen Recorder Software for your Youtube channel.
Now for earning you have to do something more. For earning good money from YouTube it is important to get huge no. of visitors to your channel.