How to Earn Money Online in India for Students

If you want to make online income, In this post, you will learn How to Earn Money Online in India without any investment or spending very low capital.

Making money from home without investing a single penny, isn’t it, you’re always dreaming. In this technological era, the Internet changed everything and it makes huge opportunities in online jobs for making money. Study shows that online jobs or online businesses are trending now. There are lots of ways to make earn money online in India. You know that millions of people are doing their jobs from home.

Every day millions of people are googling to search for an online job to make online income without investing any fees or any money.

How to Earn Money Online in India

If you are one of them who is thinking “How to earn money online in India”, then You are at the right place  and this post tells you about various online jobs opportunities for which you don’t have to pay a single penny.

To start these online jobs, you just need a computer, an internet connection. And one thing that is required for making handsome money is your consistent hard work and efforts.

I know you are very keen to know about the different methods to make online money.

Without wasting more time I am giving you a list of the best online jobs opportunities for online job seekers like housewives, students who are seeking a full-time online job, or a part-time job to make online income.

There are lots of genuine ways through which you can make a good income. Many people are making millions of dollars/month through online earning. In the below list, we will tell you different ways to make online income in India.

Home to Earn Money Online in India for Students (2021)

1. Blogging

Running a blog for income is an excellent online venture concept for those looking to start a venture with zero funding.

There are many bloggers in India and around the world, who are earning $1000 to $20,000+ monthly by running a blog. It has become a worthwhile business not only in India but across the world.

You can start a free blog on Blogger though has some limitations. You can also create a weblog in WordPress which is used by {most professional} bloggers, where you will get 1000+ free plugins and themes that lets you create informative weblogs but for WordPress, you have to buy an internet hosting which is similar to internet hosting. For around $50 (minimum) price where your WordPress can be installed, see the best WordPress hosting plans. After creating a weblog you would like to apply for Google Adsense for commercial. You can also earn good money from internet online affiliate marketing.

2. Become a Captcha Solver

Captcha entry job is one of the best online jobs that provides direct earning option to people working from home. Here you can work from your laptop and even mobile.

For those who work 2 to 4 hours a day, you can earn between Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 per 30 days, depending on how fast you work.

The work here is quite easy. Simply login to your account with your username and password and once you go to the work place, you can probably see the captcha picture being loaded.

What you may need to do is learn the characters within the picture code and just type the best code and click the submit button.

3. Unique Matrimony Service

4. Online Chicken, Meat, Fish Delivery

5. Property Rental site

6. Classifieds site like olx

7. Farmer Crop Buy Sell Marketplace

8. Coupons and Deals site

9. Car Buy Sell Marketplace Site

10. Price Comparison site

11. Cashback site

12. EdTech service for students

13. Oneway Taxi Service

14. Online Buy Sell Pets Marketplace

15. Pundit Booking & Online Puja Samagris Store

16. Start a job portal

17. Online Medicine Delivery

18 Online Micro Jobs

These are small micro tasks that take just seconds or minutes to finish. The subtle tasks involved include looking for a key phrase within the Internet, completing incomplete sentences, sharing a web page, creating a testimonial, searching for related photos, writing a short article and many more.

There are many more firms that offer micro jobs than Amazon Turk, Microworkers, Clickworkers and many others. You will be able to register with them for free, although there may be a factor that you will need to take several examinations of their member location to be selected for the duties. You just want to provide 2 hours in a day and if you are in USA, Canada then you will be in a position to earn $500 to $1000 and if you are in India you can earn around Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 .

19 Earn money from YouTube

You can start a YouTube channel which is another highly respected venture in India. Daily 1000 subscribers make a Youtube channel to earn money. To start a Youtube channel you need to select a different segment (a topic) to make a movie. Create good video content content for customers and get customers. When you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours full video watching time, apply for Youtube ads and start earning money from youtube.

Everyone knows how fashionable YouTube is, as well as let us tell you that it can also become a means of earning for you. If you are well versed about any matter then you can make video or tutorial video about it, monetize the video and you will be able to earn a lot of money from youtube as per the views you get .

The best part is that you can start your own personal YouTube channel, make great movies and become a YouTube partner that can help you earn money. You can make any kind of movies like Comedy, Cooking, Dance, Singing, Journey etc. No matter what you believe people will really like or enjoy.

You can take the help of social media, SMS sending, electronic mail advertising and marketing etc. to advertise your movies. It can also help in increasing the views of the video and will likewise increase the subscribers of your channel. If you have additional members or ideas you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. Additionally, you can apply for Google AdSense to receive ads among movies that can benefit you by adding additional revenue.

As soon as the device is authorized for Google AdSense, ads will start coming in your movies and if the guests click on these ads then you will get a commission for that too.

20 Become an online seller

If we look at it from the traditional promotion then the development of online promotion is totally different. E-commerce has become a current development, because when we discuss traditional promotion you have the option to sell the product in your native market but in online promotion, you can easily sell your product anywhere in the country. Huh. .

There are few online buying platforms like Amazon, eBay, Jabong, etc. Who has started this online advertising method. All you have to do is add merchandise to your web sites and when a buyer orders a product, these websites deal with funding, processing, delivery, etc.

If you also want to grow as an online seller, you should promote these products by any means such as electronic mail advertising, social media, or any other platform. For each product you promote, you get a commission. However you can promote online in two ways, one you can create a website in your person and promote the goods or you can grow as a seller for every other buying portal.

As mentioned in the second method above, it is more useful as you also get the popular buyer of the preferred portal. Registration for them is completely free and you are not restricted to promote 1 clear model business. You are able to do this every time to get extra time and add revenue to your pocket.

21 Buy & Sell Old Books

22 Reseller in Meesho

23 Become a Freelancer

Freelancing jobs are excellent as you send companies as per your capabilities, place and every time you need and you will earn unlimited cash based on your ability. Looks attractive! You have no restriction to work for any particular person, you can work from anywhere and at any time as per your convenience. The kind of freelancing jobs available for knowledge entry, net improvement, content material writing, net design and much more.

Many buyers in freelancing jobs are short-term. The most important plus level is that you can depart when needed. Freelancing job is one of the best sources of income sitting at home because you want only qualification. Here you will get the opportunity to work for both small and big companies, they give you good salary and also you get a lot of expertise. There are many freelance websites where you can easily sign up and get many freelancing jobs.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while applying for freelance jobs, first, try to target jobs that have fewer candidates as there may be fewer competitors, you will be more likely to be selected, second , Always check before use whether buyers have blue verified or not, Third, only people who think this is the right job for you, then only apply for the job.

24 Online Tutor

If you are interested in educating and consider doing it from home, then this is the most suitable option for you. The demand for online tutor jobs is increasing day by day and you can earn a lot by giving online education to the students. As expertise has evolved considerably, you can use video conferencing, Skype, etc. To show college students online.

Some of the best places where you can take online training and earn decent money are:


The most effective thing is that while applying for NET Tutor, you can choose the subject which is best, also if you are a subject professional then you can provide counseling services. There are many websites that give you this opportunity and allow you to earn around $10-$20 for an hour.
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25 Earn money with Affiliate Marketing

I am sure you must have heard this unique way to earn money. In Affiliate Marketing, you need to advertise different merchandise on their behalf and if there is any profitable gross sales then you get charged for that gross sales. The scope of online marketing is expanding significantly due to the expansion of online buying.

At this time, there are many online buying platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Fee Junction and many more. You can join these and promote their business and earn unlimited amount of cash. It is very easy to stop them all you have to do is register and create a free affiliate account, select the product you need to promote.


You will receive the affiliation code as soon as it expires, you just want to paste that code in your weblog or share it on social media, and many more. Now you’re done, any time these hyperlinks generate gross sales you’ll receive a commission for that. With the help of online marketing, you are not only making income but also helping the customers to buy the right products by creating a simple web site. With the help of online marketing, you can earn fees ranging between 4% to 20%.

26 Online Construction Material Delivery


These are the 11 most effective tasks that you can do online without any cost sitting at home. It totally depends on your expertise and enthusiasm that what you want and choose, not only that but there are other ways of earning online like video royalty, area dealer, website flipping, gets commission by playing video games , on-line consultants and more options like this.

Here are some good ways to earn money from online jobs from home without money, the only thing that is best is to keep an eye on the scams people do and ask for money, try something that Have good critiques and have a dependable supply. We are sure that this lesson would have helped you to find out about the most effective sources and that is capable of adding extra revenue every month to your fixed income.