How to Earn Rs 20000 per Month working 2 hours Daily

Everyone knows that online earning can be possible but doesn’t know the genuine online earning methods, so I already wrote a post for 4 genuine online earning ideas with 100% Payment Guarantee Read here. 
Today I am going to tell you “How to make Rs 40000 to 50000 per month working 2 hours Daily”.
You can work more for earning more. 
As a student we are always looking for a part time jobs along with study. This idea is suitable for students, housewives and anyone who wants to make some extra income doing 2 hour work daily anytime.


So what do you need to do to make money?
Create a classifieds website, you can do it yourself or you can develop it from any developer or web designing companies. If you don’t want to spend more and want to create your classifieds website yourself with Osclass free script. Read this How to create a classifieds website ?

Why is the classifieds website best for part time earning?
I suggest you classifieds website because it gets traffic very easily and automatically.
To create a classifieds website you need a domain name and a web hosting (Web Hosting where your site data will be stored). Buy Domain at Rs 399
For starting I recommend Shared Hosting Plan, because shared hosting is cheap. 
I started my first classifieds website in 2013 and I tried many web hosting for my classifieds website and if you are looking for best hosting for your  Osclass classified website then you can read 5 best osclass hosting providers 2019
When you post ads to your site and also mail advertisers and ad posters to post ads to your site then after 3 months you will find automatically ads will be posted by advertisers and ad posters and your classifieds site will get more and more traffic with time automatically. 
you don’t need to post ads. You have to just monitor your site.
Now you are thinking “What is classifieds website?” Classifieds website is a web portal like Quikr, Olx, Craiglist etc where anyone can post free ads for buying or selling goods or services.

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In a classifieds website you can make money by two methods:
1. Google Adsense                                                           2. Premium Listings Ads
I am talking about Google Adsense first because the online earning idea to make Rs 40000 to 50000 per month which I am telling you here is possible with Google Adsense. You will not get premium listing ads because no one know your site. When your site attracts huge traffics then only you can get Premium Listings Ads

What is Google Adsense and How to earn with Google Adsense
What is Google Adsense and How to earn with Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a contextual advertising network which provides advertisement to your website. When a visitor of your website click on an advertisement of your website, you will earn money.
To get a Google Adsense Account, you need a 6 month old website but I am telling you the trick with the help of this trick you will get Adsense Account within 10 days.
So Apply for a Google Adsense Account with your gmail id. Read How to get Google Adsense account in 10 days here
When you will get Adsense account approved just place the ad codes to your classifieds website.
Now it is time to post content to your classifieds website.
Now question is “How to get content for your classifieds website?”
Because your classifieds website is new and no one knows your site then who will post content or ads to your site?
So at the earlier stage you have to post ads to your classifieds website yourself everyday. I already said you have to work 2 hours daily so in this 2 hours you have post ads to your site. in 2 hours you can post 60 to 80 ads just copy past from other classifieds websites like, etc.
Marketing tips for your classifieds website for more traffics:
At earlier stage you are posting content to your site but it is important that other advertisers an ad posters post ads to your site, so that your classifies website gets more contents. When ads will be posted by more advertisers and ad posters, your site will scale up. Your site traffic will increase and more traffic means more earning. 
So what do you have to do for getting ad posters and advertisers to your site?
Follow these steps:
1. Search classifieds websites in Google you will find many classifieds websites, visits these classifieds websites open ads and search email id of ad posters. Some classifieds sites show email ids and some are not. Copy these email ids and mail them to post ads to your site.
2.  Search on Google “Ad posting service” You will find many sites, open the sites, go to their contact page and contact them to post ads to your site.
3. Share your site in Facebook and create a Facebook page for your site.
In this way ad posters know your site and post ads to your site. your site will get more ad contents and more traffics.
So by creating a classifieds website you can make make Rs 40000 to 50000 per month easily. Start your business now.