How to Make Money from Facebook Page in 2020

Hello Friends, We all spends many hours on Facebook. But Today I am going to tell you “How to Make Money from Facebook Page in 2020” You can earn good amount of money from your Facebook page if you work regularly.

how to make money from a facebook page
You have seen many Facebook pages and surely you liked some pages. Many Facebook pages have millions of likes. These Facebook pages give you Free Jokes, Quotes, News etc free of cost. They give free jokes, Quotes etc so that you like their Facebook page.

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Have you ever thought ? Why do these Facebook Pages give you these free Jokes and Quotes?
I don’t say all Facebook pages earn directly from their FB Page. Some Facebook Pages are only for marketing their online business.
But Some pages don’t have any website to market. They just Run FB Page and gives free content to Facebook users. Why?
Actually when Facebook pages get millions of likes, online Marketers are always looking for these page to promote their businesses. And in this article I will explain in easy language How to make money from Facebook page.

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How to make money from a facebook page

So if you want to make money from Facebook page Follow these Steps ()
1. Create a Facebook Page first. click here If you don’t know Read this “How to create a Facebook Page?
2. Regularly post some content to your page like Jokes, Quotes, Local News, Entertainments, sports anything what you like and share your page and page contents with your friends.
3. You will see people like your page if you post regularly and posts are good. In this way your page will get more and more likes. In one day you will not earn. You have to work and have to be patient.
4. When your page gets 4 lakh to 5 lakh likes then you can earn good amount of money.

How to make money with facebook page

There are three options to make money from Facebook.
  1. Direct Advertisement from Online Marketers             
  2. Affiliation Marketing   
  3. Facebook Ads

Direct Advertisement from Online Marketers: Direct advertisement is the best option to get sponsor ads. In your page give your email id in Facebook page. And contact some online businesses to advertise their business to your page. They will mail you their Advertisement content to you and you have to just post that content to your FB page and charge for that advert.

Affiliation Marketing : You can also make money from affiliate marketing through facebook page. You can Join affiliate networks like ShareAsale, CJ (Commission Junction), Amazon Affilaites and other affiliate networks according to your page type and audience and start posting affiliate link in your FB Page and earn commission whenever a purchase is made through your referral link.

Facebook Ads :Facebook Page’s monetisation eligibility
Pages can earn money from their content if they meet the Partner Monetisation Policies. to seek out out if your Page is eligible:Go to Creator Studio.

On the left click on Monetisation tab.
Select the Page you would like to see .
Click Apply.
You will be taken to the Monetisation Eligibility Checker, where you’ll see and review your status.

Green: Congratulations! Your Page is ready to make money.
Yellow: Your Page features a few issues which will be affecting its ability to earn money.
Red: Your Page has serious issues. you can’t use this Page to earn money now.

You can also upload videos to your Facebook page and monetize your videos.