How to Submit Blogger (Blogspot) Blog XML Sitemap to Webmaster Tool (Search Console)

Generating XML Sitemap of your blog and website and submit it to webmaster tool is very important in SEO.
XML Sitemap is a Extensible Markup Language, is list of all URLs of your blog posts in a standard machine-readable format crawl by search engines Like Google Search Engine.
Now question is “What are benefits of Submitting XML Sitemap?”
XML Sitemap helps to index your all Blog Posts fast in Search Engine LIke Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
XML Sitemap helps Search Engines to crawl blog posts quickly.
In this post I am going to tell you “How to submit XML Sitemap of Blogger (Blogspot) Blogs step by step.
Follow the steps to submit XML sitemap in Blogger blog:
Step 1: Login to your Google Webmaster Account. Go to Google Webmaster here.
Step 2: Click on your site which is submitted in Search Console.
Step 3: Click on Sitemaps here.
Step 4: Click on Add/Test Sitemap Button.
Step 5: Write sitemap.xml here as written below screenshot and click Submit button.
Step 6: After that just click on Refresh the page link as shown in below.
Now you are done. Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog’s XML Sitemap is submitted in Google Webmasters Tool.
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