3 Benefits to use Whatsapp on Computer

How to use Whatsapp on computer & Lapto
How to use Whatsapp on computer & Laptop?
For this watch the video below. I created the video to show the full process step by step. After watching the video I am 100% sure you will be able to use Whatsapp on Laptop or computer.
Watch This Video Below
Benefits of using Whatsapp on Computer (Whatsapp Web)
Whatsapp can be used on your computer and laptop. So question is “Why should I use Whatsapp on Pc?”
Today I am going to tell you the 3 benefits to use Whatsapp on Computer.
If you are facing any problem to use Whatsapp on Laptop You can Watch the Video above to get the full process.
So What is the Benefits to use Whatsapp on pc?
1. Suppose You have some pictures, Images, Documents, Videos or any files in Your Computer or Laptop (And the these Pictures & Files are not in your mobile phone).
You want to send this to any of your contact. So by using Whatsapp on computer you can send pictures, Images, Documents, Videos directly from your computer.
If you don’t want to use Whatsapp on computer then You will have to choose a very hectic process like copy fliye from computer to mobile phone and then you can send by phone.
 2. It helps parents to monitor children’s Whatsapp messages. By using Whatsapp web feature Parent can eye their children whatsapp message (To whom what their children message? ).
Just parent will have to ask their children mobile phone once and scan the QR code by children’s mobile phone. 
And remember to check the Remember me check box or else you will have to scan again. 
If you check this remember box then whenever your child is messaging on Whatsapp, you can open web.whatsapp.com and watch their messages.
3. In Emergency case suppose your mobile phone battery is very low and about to die and you have to message someone very special then you can use Whatsapp on computer and message through your computer.