How to Start online Book Store (Used Books Business Idea at $50)

If you want to start small business,you can Start online Book Store for School books,Used Books,new books and school products with a very low investment.

Start online Book StoreBefore starting I would like to tell you one thing, Business is not easy and not difficult. If you think business is difficult then definitely it will be difficult to you and if you think business is easy then it will be very easy for you.

Success mantra:
Before starting a business you have to think about these two points
1. Choose that business which you love and enjoy. Business should be a play for you, not pressure, tension and burden. 
Remember your childhood play games, you played cricket whole day but didn’t get tired. Actually you enjoyed it. If you study your boring subject whole day, then definitely you would be tired.
So before doing business, think about your interests & your hobbies and then select your business. 
If a business makes you happy and a business which is a play for you then start this business. 
2. Start any business full time. Only one aim your business. Start one business in one time. Devote yourself to your business. Don’t think about part time business and a job simultaneously. Sailing on two boats will lead to failure. 
To become successful two things are important 
(a) Love your Business, if you don’t love your business, then definitely you would fail. If you want to be successful start loving your business today.
(b) Which field you love, make this your business. These two points will help you.
Now I am telling you the business idea.

Start online Book Store:

Start a online shopping site for School books, Used Books, new books and school products. In starting focus on only school books, School Dress, Note Copies etc. You can also sell old books. For this you have to buy old books from students and sell them.
You know after exam How parents are on the queue in summer for students books. You can give them Books Home delivery service.

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Start with some schools near your home not all schools.
What do you need to start:
1. A office : I prefer start from your home or your room.
2. An online shopping website, I will tell you below how to create a Online shopping website yourself. It’s very easy. Anyone can create. No programming & coding knowledge is required.
3. One Computer or Laptop
4. Internet connection (I know you have JIO Sim, There is no need of Extra internet)
5. Wholesale Book Dealers (You have to visit your wholesale book dealers, get price list of all classes book lists, just tie up with dealers. Don’t buy stock of books, when get orders, buy from dealers)
6. Courier for delivery: I prefer Indian Postal Courier because it’s delivery charge is very low. Also you can contact more couriers nearby your home. But always tie up with Local Couriers for local business in your area for low delivery charge. You can also deliver yourself your auto.

Marketing of your Business:

For promoting your business, there are two very easy and low cost marketing plan.

1. Pamphlet Distribution outside school. Print Pamphlets at least 5000pc which cost you Rs 1250 around.

2. Contact school management or principal and tie up with school so that school refer to students your website for buying books.
How to create online shopping website:
For creating eCommerce website you need to buy two things.
1. A hosting plan where your website data will be stored.
2. A Domain Name (Website Name like

I prefer to BlueHost Hosting, you will get a Free Domain name with BlueHost Hosting Plan. Buy a BlueHost Hosting Plan according to your Budget. If you want to buy a .Com Domain at Rs 399 the But Here

If you are confused then Read it How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting

I prefer to select lowest plan because in starting your website data & traffic will be very low, so don’t waste money for big Hosting Plan, which cost you around Rs 3000 – Rs 4000.

So you have to invest in this business idea around Rs 3000 – Rs 5000.

After purchasing web hosting for your eCommerce website, now login to your hosting account with your email & password.

when you login to your hosting account your hosting admin panel will open like this

You have to click on single domain hosting


Here you have to click on Manage Web Hosting. A pop up window page will open like this below
Here you have to click on Prestashop, then below page will open.
Now click on Install Now Button


You have to fill this form above
Choose Protocol : http://www
Choose domain Name :
In Directory: blank (Delete Presta)
Store Name: Your Website Name
Admin Folder: Leave it as it is.
admin Email: Insert your Email for login
Admin Password: Your website admin password
And finally click on Install Button


Now your online shopping site is ready.
You have to login to your website admin panel by opening website admin URL
Open it
Admin URL:

 and Login with your email id or Username and password which you give in creating account in above form.