What kind of business can I start while keeping my 9-5 job?

We all prefer jobs rather than starting business. But in every single day we think of starting own business but but we don’t have time and don’t have courage to leave job because we have responsibilities.
So Today I am thinking to write this blog to fulfill of your dream to start business while keeping your 9-5 jobs. Yes You can start part time business and when your business grow you can make it full time.
In this blog I am discussing high profitable and low investment business ideas. And most important if you work hard you can make it a big business.
So the question is “What kind of business can I start while keeping my 9-5 job?
1. Blogging: Start a blog today and write about useful content for your blog visitors. You can write about your passion, hobbies, any technical content, educational materials, cooking, travelling whatever you like to write and whatever visitors want to read.
If you want to create your blog yourself at Rs 99 then Read How to create a blog
Blogging needs patience it won’t give income from next day but it gives you a good income if you regularly write on your blog. Even I know some bloggers who earn 2 to 5 lakhs per month from blogging but they reached this income not in one day they work hard for years.
You just need to write good content and share your content in social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Whatsapp etc in this way visitors know about your blog and read your content.
Your write good content but now Question is How to earn from blog?
So for Earning from your blog you need to monetize your blog. I prefer Google Adsense to Monetize my blog because it is the best advertising network and give you good earning.
When your blog becomes very popular and gets good traffics you can monetize your blog with affiliating marketing along with Google Adsense Ads.

2. Coupon & Cashback Site: You can start a coupon and cashback site. It is very good business idea and it can be a big business if you can work hard.

What is Cashback Site?
Cashback site means when anyone purchase a product through cashback sites they give you a cashback to you.

For example: If you buy a mobile phone from Flipkart at Rs 10000 then Flipkart will not give you any cashback to you. But if you buy the same phone from cashback sites like cashkaro.com , pennyful.in etc they wil give you a cashback 1% or 2 %.

What you have to do?
You have to market online shopping sites’s Products (flipkart, Snapdeal & Amazon Products) and publish content of discount and offers in your site.

For Coupon & Cashback Site you have to develop a site from any web develop company. For help you can see cashkro.com (India’s top Coupon & Cashback site). 

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How to earn from Cashback & Coupon Business Idea?
You have to join Affiliation Program of these online shopping sites.
Here is the link Snapdeal Affiliation Program , Flipkart Affiliation Program and Amazon Affiliation Program.

Signup their affiliation program and after signin you will get affiliation link of products. Put this affiliation link in your site. whenever a product is sold through your affiliated link you will get a commission from these online shopping sites.

See Flipkart Affiliation Commission rate, Snapdeal Affiliation Commission rate and Amazon Affiliation Commission Rate

3.Sell on Flipkart & Snapdeal: Become a seller in the online marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon and sell your product.

For selling products on these marketplaces you have to get VAT Registration. 

After that signup in online marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon as a seller and upload your products and sell.

Read What Documents Required to register VAT
4. Earn From YouTube : 

How to earn from Youtube?

You can also earn from Youtube Channel. Some Youtuber earn 5-10 lakhs per month. 

But for earning such good amount from Youtube, you need to have huge no. of subscribers and videos in your channel. More views in your videos means more earning

What you have to do?
For earning from Youtube you have to create videos and upload in your Youtube channel. And again share you videos in Social Networking sites. Visitors come to your channel & view your videos.

How to earn from Youtube channel?
Same like blogging again you have to monetize your youtube channel with Google Adsense. When viewers view your videos they view ads and from this ad you will make money.