Zero Investment Business idea to earn Rs 20000 per month.

If you want to earn Rs 20000 – Rs 30000 per month then I am going to tell you a Zero Investment Business online. First of all I would like to tell you watch the video below which help you to understand better in Hindi.

You know nowadays online presence of any business is very important. For online presence it’s important to develop a website for your business.
Every business owner is looking for a website for their business but you know website developing charge is so high minimum Rs 5000-Rs 10000 and therefore all business owners don’t create a website due to high charge.
And solving this problem is a very good and big business idea with zero investment.
If you want to create a website for business like shop, Gym, Parlour, Coaching classes or a personal website for a dancer or a singer or Model or Photographer then you can create a website with Google custom domain for Free web Hosting.

Also You will learn How to buy a domain for website and How to setup custom domain on blogger? in this video.



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For this Zero Investment Business idea you don’t need any technical knowledge. So anyone can start this business.


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So, What is the Zero Investment Business idea?


In this video you will learn to create a professional look website and important thing is that You don’t need any technical knowledge after watching this video you will be abled to develop a very beautiful design and responsive website.
The business idea is to provide Website design service to small businesses like gym, Parlours, Coaching classes, Computer classes, Educational institutions, Boutiques, Shops and many small businesses which are looking for website for their business but they don’t afford heavy charges of web development companies.
So you have to give a cheap website service to them.
Now I am giving you some pricing idea for this website design service. The average price of a 5 to 10 pages website is Rs 5000, so small business don’t afford this charge. So you have to give same pages website design service at Rs 3000 or Rs 3500 or Rs 4000.


After watching below video you will learn to create a professional and responsive website  you will cost only Rs 99 (Just Domain charge ) to create the website and no need to hosting charge for lifetime.  Hosting is absolutely free. And Website will be hosted in Google Free Host which is very reliable.


So Profit per website is Rs 4000 – 99 = Rs 3901.

So if you work little and visit gym, Parlours, Coaching classes, Computer classes, Educational institutions, Boutiques, Shops and many small businesses and tell them that you can create website for their business at low price, You will easily get 8 to 10 website orders per month. Actually this is my business idea and I am doing this business and making good profits.
This is not end. For website designing service You can charge Same amount  (Rs 4000) Per year for website renewal charge. You have to just renew domain name ( Website name like www.domain.com) which costs only Rs 670. And you will charge Rs 4000 every year.
In this video I am gonna show “How to make a Free website and Earn Rs 20000 per month by creating a free website” in Hindi. If you want to know How to create a website and want earn Rs 20000 Watch this “How to develop a website tutorial in Hindi”.
To create a free website you need to buy a domain name only and no need to buy a web hosting plan. You can use Google Free Web Hosting to just map your custom domain. In this video tutorial we learn How to create a website on blogger fir free and also setting custom domain for blogger website.